Current Activities

At any given time, we at NHCFBC are busy coordinating a number of different initiatives aimed at helping people in need. As a fully volunteer driven organization, we will gladly appreciate any amount of time, effort or monetary assistance you can share with us.

These are our current programs.

  • Our organization has been participating in Vaishakhi Parade and Nagarkirtan in Surrey organized by Gurdwara Sahib Dasmesh Darbar since 2017 serving bottles of water to the parade participants. This is to support the local community who has generously supported the foundation in its charitable programs.
  • Free evening meals at Whally neighbourhood in Surrey: Nightshift Ministries
  • Annual support of one month of food supply to Purwanchal Anath Ashram (PAA) located in Biratnagar, Nepal.
  • Our ongoing Nepal Earthquake Reconstruction Efforts that are currently in progress.