Donation Methods

1. Email Money Transfer
If you have a bank account in Canada, email money transfer is the best way to send us your donation. It is usually free, or your bank may charge a small transfer fee. Please check with your bank for their charges. Please use our email address to send the transfer. Once you have made your transfer, please send your full name and complete mailing address to the same address so we can issue you a receipt for your tax purposes.

Thank you for your donation. We highly appreciate it. All donations to NHCFBC are tax deductible with Canada Revenue Agency.

Other donation methods are also available, as described below.

2. Cheque
Cheque should be payable to: Nepali Heritage Charity Foundation of BC
Mail to address:
Box# 215 Unit# 1A
12830 96 Ave
Surrey, BC Canada V3V 0C2

3. Credit Card
For patrons located in Canada or worldwide, you can use your credit card to support NHCF.

4. Direct Deposit
For Online transfer – Vancity to Vancity
Account # 132456 – Branch # 32
Please put your note/comment – Donation to Nepali Heritage Charity Foundation of BC



5. Other Financial Institutions
To Transfer from other financial institutions within Canada :
Account #16520-809-420132456

6. Group Donations
Group donation can also be collected in cash/cheque in a spreadsheet with name, address and amount. We will come to collect anywhere within greater Vancouver area and issue the tax receipts for each individuals listed.