Financial Reports

NHCF values every dollar of contribution received from our supporters. Additionally, we are also accountable to Canada Revenue Agency for the stewardship of all those funds, as well as for responsible disbursement towards charitable activites that are in line with NHCF objectives and sanctioned by CRA. NHCF files annual tax return with the CRA. Our fiscal year runs from July 01 to June 30.

2014 – 2022 Revenue and Expense Summary

All of our filings are available at CRA website at this location

If above link doesn’t work for some reason, please do a google search for it, and then search for Nepali Heritage Charity Foundation.

As a convenience, we have included a snapshot of each of our tax filings here. These documents list a summary of what is available to be viewed at the CRA website.

2023 Financial Summary

2022 Financial Summary

2021 Financial Summary

2020 Financial Summary

2019 Financial Summary

2018 Financial Summary

2017 Financial Summary

2016 Financial Summary