Covid-19 Crisis in Nepal

At a glance, we can see various amounts provided to different organizations for Covid relief efforts.

  Organization Support Type NHCF Contribution
1 National Innovation Center, Kathmandu Equipments 1,200
2 “Feeding the Hungry”, Kathmandu Meals 300
3 Burtibang Primary Health Centre, Baglung New Covid Isolation Lab 7,000
4 Dhaulagiri Zonal Hospital, Baglung Oxygen Concentrators 4,000
5 Trishuli Hospital, Nuwakot Equipments and Medical Supplies 4,000
6 Ek Ek Paila Foundation, Kathmandu Medical Supplies 3,000
7 Stupa Community Hospital, Kathmandu Oxygen Concentrator 1,700
8 Covid Relief Committee, Butwal Meals 2,500
9 Covid-19 Rapid Action Taskforce, Nepal Equipments and Medical Supplies 17,000
    Total (CA$) 40,700

As you may be aware, Nepal is in the midst of a dire Covid-19 crisis, with daily cases and death tolls increasing at a very rapid pace. A severely undeveloped nation with insufficient infrastructure and facilities, Nepalease people all over the country are facing a tough situation. Hospitals are running out of beds, medical equipment, supplies and even food to provide for patients and caretakers.

At this moment of crisis in Nepal, we all are looking for ways to make a difference. There is a tremendous amount of work to be done as people from all walks of life are working together to face this challenge. NHCF is in contact with individuals and organizations who are helping on the ground directly in many different ways. Our biggest need of the hour is to send financial support to them so they can provide support to many of the people suffering from Covid-19, as well as doctors, nurses and care personnel on the front lines of this massive battle against the pandemic.

Covid-19 Nepal: June 01, 2021

As in the past event of 2015 Earthquake our Charity has our doors open to work directly or with other like-minded organizations to support any charitable cause in Nepal that aligns with NHCF’s objectives.

If you know any particular area in Nepal severely suffering from Covid-19 and you think we can reach immediately on the ground to help them by mobilizing the local organizations and volunteers, please let us know as soon as possible. We are ready to support them together with you. We appeal to all of you to come together to fight against this pandemic to save the life of those people suffering from the novel Coronavirus.

Last but not least, if anyone in your close contact or acquaintances are seeking better way to be a part of our broader support campaign, please feel free to share this message with them.

Direct link to Donation Page.
Donations received: CAD$ 23,017.89

In March 2020 meeting of NHCF Board of Directors, NHCF initiated discovery and support to initiatives in Nepal which are involved in providing COVID-19 pandemic relief efforts in the society. Consequently, NHCF corresponded with National Innovation Center (NIC) Nepal Chairperson Dr. Mahabir Pun.

National Innovation Center, Nepal

NIC Nepal (locally known as Rastriya Awiskar Kendra) is a not-for-profit organization established by the Ramon Magsaysay Award (Community Service) winner Dr. Mahabir Pun for the enhancement of education, research and technology development in Nepal.
NHCF contributed funds to NIC to support for Covid-19 related relief efforts of providing PPE and ventilators under “Corona Mitigation Project”. The donation amount is CAD 1,200 (Equivalent NPR 98,353).

Certificate of Appreciation Awarded By National Innovation Center, Kathmandu, Nepal

For more information on NIC and its fight against COVID-19, please visit

Funding support to “Feeding the Hungry” project in Nepal

NHCF supported cash donation of CAD 300.00 to “Feeding the Hungry” project in Nepal through Rotary Club of Nanaimo – Daybreak, BC, Canada. This joint effort of Rotaracts all over North America is focused to collect funds of CAD33,000 for feeding 100,000 meals to vulnerable people affected by COVID-19 related lockdowns. These people belong to diverse communities from Kathmandu valley and the rest of the country. This is a continuation of an existing feeding programs, with Rotary + Rotaract Movement. So, the collaborators are aiming high to lead towards establishment of Nepal Food Bank in the long run.
Thank you Dr. Sanjivan of Mahara of Rotary Club of Nanaimo – Daybreakand, all the associated Rotarians, Rotaracts, and Volunteers for this wonderful endeavour.

Burtibang Primary Health Centre, Dhorpatan Municipality, Baglung (CAD$ 7,000)
Our support was utilized to setup a new covid-19 isolation ward at the health center. The ward will be capable of providing care for a large number of patients for the foreseeable future.

Dhaulagiri Zonal Hospital, Baglung (CAD$ 4,000)
Oxygen Concentrators: 2

News article about NHCF support to Dhaulagiri Zonal Hospital

Trishuli Hospital Nuwakot, Trishuli Bazar (Colony), Nuwakot (CAD$ 4,000)
Purchased following items:
Cardiac Monitor
Bedside Locker
Syringe Pump
Infusion Pump
IV Stand

Ek Ek Paila Foundation, Kathmandu (CAD$ 3,000)
NHCF is providing support to selfless doctors and volunteers in Kathmandu, who are working day and night to help covid-19 patients all over Nepal. Ek Ek Paila is dispatching supportive medicines (eg. Azithromycin, paracetamol ), thermometers, sanitisers and masks as a team of doctors evaluate and prescribe appropriate relief items to the Covid positive patients, those who are home quarantined and residing in rural areas of Nepal.
NHCF is grateful to be able to support their initiative. Ek Ek Paila’s most recent dispatch of supportive medicines was to Barpak, Gorkha which is suffering from a severe covid-19 outbreak in the small mountain community. Unfortunately Barpak was the same village which was the epicenter of 2015 devastating earthquake.

Stupa Community Hospital, Bauddha, Kathmandu (CAD$ 1,700)
Oxygen Concentrator: 1

Covid Relief Committee, Butwal, Nepal (CAD$ 2,500)
Beneficieries of this support are the caretakers of Covid-19 patients who were found to be in precarious condition without food, waiting on their relatives on Lumbini Provincial Hospital grounds. Free meals are being provided to them by amazing and hard working volunteers who care deeply about their community.

Covid-19 Rapid Action Taskforce, Nepal (CAD$ 17,000)
NHCF is honoured to cooperate with Calgary Nepalese Community Association (CNCA) and Covid-19 Rapid Action Taskforce, Nepal (CRAT). Donations collected among the Calgary Nepalese community for the purpose of supporting covid relief activities in Nepal (CAD 14,125), along with contribution from NHCF were provided to CRAT. CRAT is a consortium and coordinating body for a number of actively engaged organizations in Nepal, as listed below:

NHCF is extremely pleased with the efficiency and professionalism of the CRAT consortium in mobilizing the funds to all the affected areas and providing benefits to the people.

Letter sent to The Right Honorable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Letter sent to The Honorable John Horgan, Premier of British Columbia Canada

Switzerland sends 30 tonnes of humanitarian supplies to Nepal for COVID-19 relief

Switzerland is helping Nepal cope with an extremely difficult health situation caused by COVID-19. Today, Friday, Swiss Humanitarian Aid, part of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA), dispatches 1.1 million antigen tests, 40 respirators, 10 oxygen concentrators and personal protective equipment to Kathmandu. This humanitarian aid shipment is worth around CHF 7.5 million.

France provides medical support to Nepal to fight against COVID-19

The French government has extended support of medical equipment and supplies to Nepal to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. A shipment containing 504,000 FFP2 masks; 20,225 antigenic test kits; 12,000 protection glasses; and 14 respirators including consumables arrived in Kathmandu earlier this morning (June 02, 2021).